How do I book a session?

The mentor will liaise with the learner driver allocated to him/her and the Make it Home Safely Inc Coordinator to determine a suitable time for driving sessions

Where do I meet my mentor?

A suitable meeting point will be determined in consultation with the learner driver’s parent/carer, the mentor and the Make it Home Safely Inc Coordinator (if under 18).

How long is a session?

Each session will be for 1 hour.

Longer sessions up to 2 hours maximum can be booked subject to vehicle availability

The number of sessions per week is dependent on vehicle and mentor availability

How much is each session?

A $5 donation towards vehicle expenses is expected each session

Is there a dress code that is expected?

The learner driver is expected to be dressed neatly in a similar standard to a free dress day at school

Do I need to bring my log book?

It is the learner driver’s responsibility to maintain and bring their log book or mobile phone (if using the phone app) to every session (phone must be charged)

The learner driver’s log book must be filled in following every driving session.

The mentor is responsible for checking the accuracy and legibility of all log book entries and approving emails sent from Qld Transport regarding the session details.

Do I need to have my licence on me for every session?

Yes by law you are not allowed to drive without holding your licence on you

Can I bring a friend along to my session?

Passengers are not permitted to travel in the vehicle during a driving session unless they are approved by the Make it Home Safely Inc Coordinator

Can I use the Make it Home 100 vehicle for my test?

The learner driver will be given the opportunity to have a number of sessions with different mentors allowing them to adapt to driving with someone new (like a driving test).

The Make it Home 100 vehicle can be booked for the driving test.